Reckless Driving

Charged with DUI in Virgina?

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, Drunk Driving or DWI; you are in serious trouble. These charges are not taken lightly in Virginia and the penalties are severe; indeed draconian. You are facing jail time, license suspension, expensive fines, community service and mandated treatment programs.  Virginia Law now requires ignition interlock on your vehicle upon a First Conviction. 

It is vital that you contact an experienced DUI Attorney immediately after your arrest. Your DUI defense starts now! We have been defending DUI and DWI cases for over twenty-five years.  We will Assert and protect your rights.

Our object is to win your case. Call us now at 800.482.5297 or email us at bart@conwayandhess.com.  We look forward to serving you. 

DUI Defense in Virginia:  The legislatures have seen fit to impose mandatory minimum sentences and escalation of punishment for DUI, Drunk Driving and DWI regardless of circumstances. Many of thee defenses to a DUI charge are based upon the Constitution and Statutory Requirements.  Yes, there is a presumption of intoxication at .08 BAC, but it can be overcome. 

Remember,  You do not have to testify against your self.  Simply tell the Officer politely that you want your Attorney.  The interrogation is suppose to stop.  This is not to say that you should not cooperate with the Officers. Do so, but assert your rights and call us to protect them.  Remember you are a suspect. You cannot talk your way out of a DUI charge.

We at Conway & Hess P.L.L.C. have been defending DUI and Drunk Driving charges for over twenty years.  We know the defenses both Constitutional and Technical. We also know how to minimize the penalties if you are found guilty. We enjoy a fantastic relationship with the Courts and Prosecuting Attorneys in Virginia .  

Call Bart @ 800.482.5297 to discuss your case or contact him at bart@conwayandhess.com.

Interstate 81 is one of the most traveled interstates in the country.  This interstate is highly patrolled. The state is exacting a high tax for the use of its roads. Moreover, the insurance companies monitor your traffic record to raise your rates upon conviction.  Therefore, it is very important for you to obtain representation to protect your rights in these proceedings.

In Virginia, you need only to go ten (10) miles over the speed limit to be treated as a reckless driver.  This will require you to appear in Court here in Virginia to face jail time, fines, cost and suspension of your drivers license. 

DO NOT DESPAIR:  We can help.  We have been protecting driver's rights for over twenty-five (25) years.  We enjoy an excellent relationship with the prosecuting Attorneys and Courts throughout S.W. Virginia.  We can often arrange it so that you need not appear.  We also have developed the means, methods and skills to avoid a reckless driving conviction which could dramatically effect your insurance rates. 

JUST CALL 800.482.5297 or contact us through this website to speak directly to an Attorney who will help you now.   

We are regularly in Court on these cases in Bristol Virginia, Washington County and the Town of Abingdon, Smyth County and the Town of Marion and Wythe County and the Town of Wytheville,  just to name a few.  You do not have to suffer high fines, cost or drivers license suspension.  

Just give Bart Conway a call at 1.800.482.5297 to discuss your case or contact bart@conwayandhess.com.  


Interstate 81 is one of the most traveled and patrolled interstates in the country. Virginia is exacting a high tax for the use of their roads. Moreover, the insurance companies monitor your traffic record and will raise your rates upon reckless driving conviction. 

Beware in Virginia, for if you are clocked over 80 miles per hour, you will be charged with reckless driving by speed. This means that you have to come back and appear in the local Court to face jail time, up to a $2500 fine, cost and license suspension.

DO NOT DESPAIR:  We have an excellent relationship with the Prosecutors and Courts, developed over twenty-five of years of practice. In most cases, we can arrange it so that you do not have to come back and appear in Court. 

We Can Help:  Put our experience to work for you.  We have developed means, methods and skills to avoid your reckless driving conviction.  Just call (800)4VA-LAWS or contact us through this website to speak directly to an Attorney that will assist you.  We are regularly in the local courts of Bristol, Virginia; Abingdon, Virginia; Marion, Virginia; Wytheville, Virginia; just to name a few. 

The penalties for reckless driving are quite severe. We can help you avoid the license suspension, excessive fines and jail time. 


Just give Bart Conway a call at 1.800.482.5297 to discuss your case or contact bart@conwayandhess.com.

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